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Learning From Experience

The following articles have been drawn from actual experience of incidents, with the outcomes identified through MEDA investigations.
Perhaps you have similar experiences, and would like to share them? CHIRP would be pleased to publish them in a disidentified form in this section. Please contact Bruce Hunter.
These downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it, free of charge from Adobe.


Report 1 - Aircraft Damaged During Dejacking (pdf, 28kb)

Report 2 - Torch Left in Nose Wheel Steering Cable Run (pdf, 16kb)

Report 3 - Main Wheel Incorrectly Fitted (pdf, 16kb)

Report 4 - A real stress raiser! - A personal account (pdf, 15kb)

Report 5 - Aircraft dispatched with gear pins installed (pdf, 13kb)

Report 6 - Rear fuselage mounted air brakes damaged against docking (pdf, 13kb)

Report 7 - Door Emergency Assist Bottle Safety Pin Not Removed (pdf, 13kb)

Report 8 - It Pays To Follow Instructions Ė Donít Assume! (pdf, 13kb)

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