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What is MEMS?  
MEMS - Maintenance Error Management Systems

All EASA Part 145 approved organisations engaged in maintenance of civil air transport aircraft are required to have MEMS in place as part of the process of gaining Approval. This is a formal system for investigating serious errors resulting from faulty maintenance in which human factors are a significant element. The objective is to determine the root cause(s) of the error and implement measures to prevent re-occurrence in the future, as far as is practicable.

Almost all organisations in the UK have adopted the Boeing developed Maintenance Error Decision Aid, MEDA, to standardise the conduct of investigating and reporting such errors.

CHIRP collates the completed reports from participating UK organisations, disidentifying them and producing a consolidated database for use by participants. In this way, individual organisations can compare their own experiences with the wider UK industry.

This process is in the course of gradual expansion; some six organisations formed an initial Steering Group to determine how the programme of combining reports and the way the database should be organised. This has now progressed to a point where additional organisations are being invited into the programme in a controlled manner. A formal Constitution has been adopted and a 'Best Practice Guide' produced. A Review Board has been established of representatives from industry to control and develop the whole programme.

The intention is to make the programme available to all UK Part 145 Approved organisations. In this way a significant and reliable database of MEMS related incidents will be built up and accurate error trends and characteristics determined. This should facilitate corrective action being taken on an industry-wide basis to improve overall safety within the UK civil air transport maintenance sector.

For the complete description of MEMS please refer to CAP 716 appendix L on the CAA website
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